Are you looking for a product to help ease your cooking experience and also cut down your meal prep time? 

For Convenient Cooking Experience:

Our easy to use Multipurpose 8 in 1 vegetable chopper will be the perfect fit for your kitchen. You can also use it for Cutting, Slicing and Dicing Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers, Various Vegetables, Fruits, Even Cheese and much more in seconds! It is that easy. Make sure to cut the vegetables to the right size of 5cm before placing them in the dicer.


Unmatched Quality: Made of Premium Food Grade Ultra Sharp German 420-Grade Stainless Steel and heavy reinforced ABS plastic, BPA free material long-lasting and easy to use design! It offers all the functionality of multiple appliances in one tool with changeable stainless steel blades.

Easy to Clean: Comes with the Vegetable Press Matrix cleaner for easy cleaning.  Do not test the blade and cutting parts with your hands, it is very sharp. It is very easy to remove the attachments and wash them. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Storage in the Side: It has its own container for the blades to put, never lose them or spend time looking for them.

No More Crying When Cutting Onions:  No more Crying, Mess, Odor and Clean-up during chopping and dicing onions. Our Chopper, Cutter, and Dicer will help you especially to reduce onion vapors to get rid of your tears during your prep work, literally.  

Safer Than Knives: The Dicer is safer for cutting fruits and vegetables than knives. This is beneficially for those who have shaky hands. It is also beneficial for children to get involved in the cooking in the kitchen. 

It can chop into thick or thin slices and can also chop into wedges. Works Fast and Efficient, The 8 in 1 Dicer works very fast and is efficient at chopping up fruits and vegetables. It works ten times faster than using regular knives to cut and dice. 

Our Magic Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter & Fruit Shredder/Grater/Slicer 


A Mini Portable Food Clip Heat Sealing Machine!!!!.

Easy ,convenient to use and storage, great ideal for home use. A magnet on the based can be adsorbed on the metal surface.

How to Use.

1. Open the battery cover, Insert 2 AA batteries (not included) and "+" "-"marks can see, make sure batteries face the right way.

2. Open the lock cover, first warm the machine body up (Press 5 seconds).

3. Press on the plastic bag, and slowly move the sealer to seal.

4. After use, please pull the safety lock cover up and remove the batteries.(The thin plastic bag maybe tear off after sealing, is a normal phenomenon


The bonus sealer does work perfectly. Need 2 AA batteries, in the kit there is no. There is a strong magnet. Even thick packages are packed. I just came in very much. I recommend.  


The goods came very quickly. Packing is not deformed, the goods are packed well. The product itself is quality, the knives are sharp. I recommend the product. Thank you seller. 


I am very satisfied with a product that is worth starting with. It is very convenient to use as well as the bonus that comes with it and My wife is really happy!

George Olaiya


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