Electric Vacuum Adsorption Foot Grinder

Design To Remove Dead Skin From Feet For The Perfect Pedicure At Home For Women and Men

Perfect Electronic Foot File, Dual-Speed Callus Remover

Keep your heels in baby-soft condition with Pedi spin Callus Remover Safe and gently for delicate skin Smooth your feet anytime, anywhere Dual speeds are perfect for rough, dry areas and tough calluses Enjoy the feel of smooth, silky feet. 

Instantly remove dry, rough skin and eliminate calluses with the Pedi Spin. The gentle abrasion works with dual speeds to cover heels, soles, and toes. Strong enough to effect tough skin but gentle enough for delicate areas. Use detachable collector to quickly and cleanly dispose of removed skin.

Effortless remove dead skin and hard calluses with 2000 RPMs of power - nano-abrasion heads rotate at high speed creating the perfect dead skin remover for feet.

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Products Features

★ Super Power Motor: This  Pedi callus remover kit motor is 5x times more powerful than most of the callus foot grinder, are you tired of weak and slow pedicure tools, try this product, you will experience smooth heels in minutes. 

★Wallet and Eco Friendly: This Electric Callus Remover has a durable built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, which will help your wallet to get rid of buying dry batteries on and on, and do well to the lovely living environment little by little. Start from the smalls as we all love the place we live in.

Easy and comfort to use: This Pedi Foot Scrubber is well ergonomic designed. Slim and stream outlines for easy grasping and holding. Simple control and thoughtful safety lock, built to last and user friendly. Love Uni-Right pedicure kit, enjoying SPA at home from face to the toe.

★Hygiene and Easy to Clean: The roller is easy detachable, clean the roller after every foot rasp with the cleaning brush in accessories rinsed under running water. This user friendly Uni-Right Foot Scrubber is worthy to cracked heel.


Wife always put her feet between my thighs at night to keep them warm. However, the roughness (20+ years of barefoot and sandal wearing) is not to my liking so this unit is my solution.Just a couple of minutes (< 3) and the the result shows.The white spot on my short is just one tap.The spot where I used this on is definitely smoother...almost like a baby skin, not quite there but will be there.

Mr Jude. 
What an amazing product! I wish I took before and after photos. My feet were disgusting! After using this product once, my feet are smooth and the calluses are 90% gone! The product is extremely easy to use and clean! Highly recommended!

Greater Accra
The first time you use it gently but effectively, you can see how much your foot has fallen off.This won't make your feet super frayed, but is a gradual improvement, so don't worry.I will stick to it.

Thank you So much




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